All motorboats of Nakas Rentals available for our customers are rented in accordance with the provisions of the Port General Regulation Nr 38 (Government Gazzete B’ 2390/2019).

No speedboat license is required for the rental of a motorboat less than 30 hp.Driver’s (Car) License is required.

Only the number of the passengers stated in the official documents must embark on the boat.

It is illegal to handle the boat under the influence of drugs or alcohol, and if you do so, you must accept the appropriate penalties as defined by the Port General Regulation and Police.

The costumer agrees to visit the suggested spots and the maximum distance of the vessel must not exceed the 2 Nautical Miles from the coast.

As defined by the law, the boat is equipped with life-saving equipment and emergency equipment: personal life jackets, circular lifebuoy, floating device, fire extinguisher, first aid kit, etc., as well as a leaflet of basic rules of safe cruising with a nautical map of the area.

All the boats must be returned by the arranged time and ALWAYS before sunset. Sailing after sunset is strictly prohibited my the marine law.

All underage passengers must be supervised by adults all the time throughout the cruise.

A security deposit is required as a guarantee by cash of credit card. The amount will be returned back upon arrival of the boat to the embarkation point.
Security deposit for Blue One, Blue Two and Blue Three is 600€.
Security deposit for Silver Arrow II and Silver Arrow III is 1,000 €.


For online bookings through out our website, you need to pay deposit to ensure your booking.

For bookings in person 30% deposit should be paid to confirm your booking.

The boat is delivered to the renter with the fuel tanks full. The fuel costs are not included in the rental price. At the end of the rental period, the renter will compensate the service provider in cash for the fuel consumed based on the local prices.

If the boat for which the reservation was made becomes unsuitable for rental or unavailable for any reason whatsoever (eg damage or theft), the service provider undertakes to deliver another boat with similar features to replace the first one at the same or lower price (not higher). If it is not possible to replace the boat, the service provider offers the renter an alternative date and time for the rental. If it is still not possible to change the reservation date, then the amount paid in advance will be refunded to the renter.

The rental period will commence once the full amount of the cost of services has been paid along with a 500€ security deposit which is returned back to you with the end of your renting period if the boat is in the same condition as delivered to you.


For cancellations made due to weather’s bad conditions there will be provided a new alternative day for booking or a total refund. In that case you will be informed by Nakas Rentals in advanced.

For cancellations made at time trirty (14) days or more before your booked cruise date you get full refund.

For cancellations made 3-9 days before your booked cruise you get 50% refund,

For cancellations made 0-3 days before your booked cruise you get no refund.


An extensive explanation of the basic safety rules and rescue equipment, as well as a complete demonstration of the operation of the boat. The operator will be made familiar with the main features of navigation, docking or mooring of the boat.

The operator of the speedboat must be physically able to perform the tasks involved in the safety operation of the boat. It is necessary to demonstrate their ability to use the boat in the sea. We reserve the right to refuse the rental processes for your own safety.

The person designated as the operator of the boat agrees not to allow any of the passengers during the rental period to navigate the boat. All passengers board the boat at their own risk and should avoid any behavior, onboard or at sea, that would endanger themselves or others.

The operator must comply with the basic safety rules regarding the handling of the boat and in general the applicable legislation regarding traffic at sea, diving and fishing. In case of any incident, the operator will bear all responsibility and will be held accountable to the competent authorities.

The use of alcohol and toxic substances by the operator of the vessel is prohibited.


The boat is insured against third parties for personal injuries, property damage or environmental pollution.

Nakas Rentals accepts no responsibility for the loss or damage to the personal belongings of the Client or any other person on board during the rental period.

The client is committed to deliver the boat to the receiving state. Any damage caused to the boat by misuse or negligence shall be borne entirely by the client.


Nakas Rentals may use photos or videos taken during the use of the vessel for promotional purposes on social media, always following the consent of the person appearing in them. Any client that does not with to use such material in which he is featured is fully respected.

This document was last updated at April 6 2022