Welcome to Pergari Beach, one of the most beautiful beaches on Poros Island. Located on the east side of the island, this stunning beach is surrounded by lush vegetation and boasts some of the most breathtaking views in Greece.

With its unspoiled natural beauty, Pergari Beach is the perfect destination for those seeking a peaceful and quiet day at the beach. Whether you’re looking to sunbathe on the soft sand, relax under the shade of a tree, or explore the surrounding area, Pergari Beach has something for everyone.

One of the highlights of Pergari Beach is the scenic walking trail that leads from the nearby town of Askeli to the beach. Along the way, visitors can enjoy panoramic views of the island and the sea, as well as the fragrant smells of the surrounding vegetation.

Whether you’re visiting Poros Island for the first time or you’re a seasoned traveler, Pergari Beach is a destination that should not be missed. With its serene atmosphere and stunning natural beauty, this is the perfect spot to unwind and enjoy the beauty of Greece.